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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this series called Symbolon?

This series is called Symbolonbecause it intends to help bring people deeper into that communion of apostolic faith that has existed for 2,000 years in the Church that Christ founded. 3 SYMBOLON The Catholic Faith Explained

Why should I use Symbolon?

It will lead you through the "big picture" of the Catholic Faith and our Creed is the guide. Symbolon brings together some of the most trusted Catholic teachers in the world to guide you through the breadth and richness of the Catholic faith. Use Symbolon in RCIA, for Catechist training, in Men's & Women's Groups, Bible Study Groups and more.

What happens in each session of Symbolon?

In these first ten sessions of Symbolon, your participants will be led through the “big picture” of the Catholic faith, and the Creed will be their guide. This foundational study on God’s plan of salvation will prepare participants for the next ten Symbolonsessions that focus on living the faith through the sacraments and moral life.

How do I contact Symbolon support?

Check out the Symbolon FAQ, call us at 800-777-7502, or email our support staff. You must login to rate this item. In the ten episodes of Part 1 of Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained, we journey through the core teachings of the Catholic Church with the goal of knowing the Faith.

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