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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Symbolon?

It will lead you through the "big picture" of the Catholic Faith and our Creed is the guide. Symbolon brings together some of the most trusted Catholic teachers in the world to guide you through the breadth and richness of the Catholic faith. Use Symbolon in RCIA, for Catechist training, in Men's & Women's Groups, Bible Study Groups and more.

What is the meaning of symbol?

Definition of symbol. 3 : an arbitrary or conventional sign used in writing or printing relating to a particular field to represent operations, quantities, elements, relations, or qualities 4 : an object or act representing something in the unconscious mind that has been repressed...

Why is this series called Symbolon?

This series is called Symbolonbecause it intends to help bring people deeper into that communion of apostolic faith that has existed for 2,000 years in the Church that Christ founded. 3 SYMBOLON The Catholic Faith Explained

What is a symbolonsession?

Each Symbolonsession is also designed in such a way that the catechumens or candidates are not only provided this “complete” and “suitable” catechesis (RCIA, 75.1), but they are also guided through a process of discovery and conversion to Jesus Christ.

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