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Frequently Asked Questions

What is symbol 1 mean on my Auto Policy?

Covered auto symbol "1" means that the insurance on the application will apply to any auto, meaning literally any vehicle in use by the business regardless of ownership. This is the broadest classification of coverage and is not widely used. Insurance companies may only use symbol 1 for liability insurance.

What is a commercial vehicle symbol?

A commercial auto symbol is essentially a coverage code signifying which of your autos is covered, and who is protected when operating your business vehicles. Within the construction industry there 4 main symbols you’ll want to know.

What is a commercial symbol?

Commercial usage. In contemporary English usage, @ is a commercial symbol, called at site or at rate meaning at and at the rate of. It has rarely been used in financial documents or grocers' price tags, and is not used in standard typography.

What is business auto policy?

Business Automobile Policy (BAP) What is a 'Business Automobile Policy (BAP)'. A business automobile policy (BAP) provides coverage for a company's use of cars, trucks, vans and other vehicles in the course of carrying out its business.

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