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Frequently Asked Questions

Is homestead part of Miami Dade County?

Homestead, Florida is part of Miami-Dade County, and offers easy access to the city of Miami. Homestead was settled in 1913 and is considered one of the oldest cities in the region.

Is Miramar part of Miami Dade County?

Miramar is considered to be a part of the South Florida Metropolitan area, and has been classified as a bedroom community for Miami since the area was founded back in 1953. Miramar spans approximately 2.9 square miles and is bordered by Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, West Park, and Miami-Dade County.

What county is Miami Dade FL?

Miami-Dade County is a county located in the southeastern part of the U.S. state of Florida. According to a 2019 census report, the county had a population of 2,716,940, making it the most populous county in Florida and the seventh-most populous county in the United States.

Are house deeds public record?

A deed might not have been recorded if the property was purchased on a land contract. Sometimes deeds are not recorded in public record until the land contract is paid in full. In a case such as this, the house deed would be found under the name of the person who holds the land contract. Example of searching online:

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