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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete the ACC log file in Creative Cloud?

Delete the ACC.log file, then start the Creative Cloud desktop app You can safely delete the ACC.log file from your computer. To do so, navigate to one of the following folders and delete the acc.log files: Note: Some files and folders are hidden on Windows.

How do I permanently delete files from the Creative Cloud?

Sign in to the Creative Cloud website . In the side navigation, click Deleted. Select the files you want to remove permanently from the cloud, and then click Permanently delete. In the confirmation pop-up window, click Delete Permanently to permanently delete your files.

How to delete Creative Cloud on MacBook Air?

How to delete Creative Cloud with its uninstaller 1 To use the uninstaller, download a ZIP file from the official Adobe website, and extract the content. 2 Run the file to start things off. In the confirmation message click Uninstall. 3 Wait for the process to finish. Click the Close button afterwards. ...

What is the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner tool?

The Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner tool is intended for advanced computer users and can fix many common problems (such as removing old Adobe software, cleaning corrupt installation files, and fixing your host files to establish a connection with Adobe servers).

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